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SHUR-PURGE prefabricated, water-soluble purge dams are designed to provide a positive inert gas purge for use in welding of piping where an inert gas is required.

SHUR-PURGE is prefabricated from high-quality materials, and its cone shape design ensures a positive purge, minimizes risk of oxidation (Fig.1), and aids in the prevention of costly repairs familiar with an ineffective gas purge.



Fig. 1

Stainless steel TIG weld with root protection


Stainless steel TIG weld w/o root protection



Advantages of SHUR-PURGE

1.  It is prefabricated in all standard pipe and tubing sizes up to 36” diameter for ease of installation.
2.  It is water soluble for worry-free removal in hot or cold water flushing techniques.
3.  The savings in costly man-hours and materials are financially attractive.
4.  The cone shape provides the toughest of gas retaining barriers.
5.  Shur-Purge™ is nontoxic and free of compounds considered harmful to stainless steel and other alloy materials.

Shur-Purge prefabricated cones have been used successfully worldwide for over 28 years









Shur-Purge™ - fast, easy installation


Old method - time consuming and a waste of materials, paper and gases

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