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Shur-Gap ® water-soluble spacers give an accurate, fast,
and clean socket weld fit-up.

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Quick, Easy, and Economical
Just drop in a Shur-Gap® spacer, slide in the pipe, and weld. Minimal cost per joint.

No "Third Hand" Needed
Shur-Gap spacers fit firm and will not fall out - easily setting the 1/16" minimum gap required by ANSI 31.1. Section III, ASME, US Navy & Military Codes.

Dissolves Completely
Shur-Gap® is made of water-soluble materials – The wafer design with soluble dots hold firm in place and it dissolves completely , leaving the system clean.

Saves Time & Money
Shur-Gap® spacers save up to 90% of the normal fit-up time and thousands of dollars in cracked weld repairs.

Other Uses
Spacer for tube header "set-in" type connections.

All Sizes Available
Shur-Gap® spacers are made to fit all common pipe sizes from 1/2" to 3", and tubing sizes as required.


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This product is sold without expressed or implied warranty and upon the condition that purchasers shall conduct their own tests to determine suitability for their intended use.